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HOSTING MVD helps you getting the best and safe service of hosting to your site. Once we have completed the design and construction of your web site there are two additional processes required for your potential prospects to be able to see it. Firstly your domain name must be registered. Secondly your web site must be moved to a web server for hosting service. We take care of both of these functions for you.

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DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION. When choosing a domain name for SEO purposes, there are three main factors to consider: – Brand – Rankability – Linkability.

My Virtual Design can help you with the following domain name services: Domain name registration, Domain name transfers, Domain name renewal, Domain expiration protection Privacy services, Better Search Engine Results One of the highest factors in Search Engine ranking is your domain name.

Keywords found in your name get optimal recognition for SEO Be it your existing brand name or the specific product your site will promote, your market needs to know and remember your name. Think short, think catchy! AN ESSENTIAL HOSTING SOLUTION.

Our Robust, all-in-one hosting solution includes everything you need to put your business or personal site online. Our web hosting services include the following: Constant monitoring, Email accounts, Guaranteed backups, Guaranteed uptime A wealth of disk space Numerous bandwidth providers And more!


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